Hands-on different database management systems


When we all got locked down, I needed a project to keep my brain active. (That gets important as you get older: I just had my 80th birthday).  My wife is learning Spanish and I tried writing a novel (it didn't fly). In the end I decided to do something that I was good at - software development.  I wrote a generic system to update and query a database using node.js. Test system here: http://www.sudsjs.com.

The database is accessed through a driver, which initially was written and tested for MySL, PostgreSQL and SQLite 3.  I downloaded Oracle (XE) but it turned out to be a pain to install in Ubuntu, so I put it on the backburner. 

Since then, I have implemented (or tried) various NOSQL systems. So here is a summary and a link to any blog posts about all of the databases I have used.  I will update this post as I look at different systems.

Watch this space for updates.

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